The Impossible Has Happened!

img_7195-1Hey, hey, hey! You miss me yet!? Well I’m sure you do! Not having my wit and pretty photos these last few weeks has probably ruined your life, because as previously established I’m awesome! But any way! I’ve been adventuring and hating slow internet too much to write so thats why is has been so long.

But Natalie what is impossible (I know this is what you’re thinking right now)? Let’s start with the fact that I am the world’s worst speller. What does this have to do with the impossible? Well the whole spelling change because I am no longer working with American English has  made my spelling worse which I am pretty sure is impossible. Z’s are now S’s and there are random U’s and a whole mess of things.





Side note: There are going to be a lot of missing days and that is a fact we will have learn to live with.

Now let’s get started!!! (Good luck this is a lot!)

Friday July 21st

Nothing interesting happened except for having amazing pancakes for half off! So here is my obligatory food photo!

Just look ate how pretty they are!!! $7 for my giant pancake!!!

Sunday July 23nd

So I joined a club, not actually sure what its called but I think its a conservation club. All I know is it was $15 for the semester and we get to go on hikes! This weekend was  a hike up part of  Mt. Cargill.  It was breathtaking! It reminded me why I came here and how crazy cool the world is. That being said it was a huge struggle. I’d been battling being sick the last few days and I’m not the most stable on my feet. So moral of the story: it was really pretty but I struggled to remain up right.


Here is the beginning  of the hike!  Not too shabby right!
First stop!!!
View from the first stop of the hike (This is a top the  little rock thingy from the left side of the photo right above). Take note of my optimism and kind of clean pants.
This photo right here I believe is the start of my down fall. This is undoubtably the coolest photo  ever taken of me, so now anything after is going to be lame! Please take your time ohhh-ing and ahhhhh-ing!
Proof that I will never pose better for a photo. (Also shout out to Hannah  for looking normal in my panic about how to pose)
This is the next part of the walk. AKA the start of my career as a professional faller.
Not going to lie I have no clue when on the hike this was taken but it is pretty!
You are looking at evil pure evil! We had to climb up these to get to the rock formation you see at the top left of the photo (and yes I  do mean climb all the way up the trees don’t lead to a walk make just more evil rocks)! While they look like no big deal (I assure you they were a BIG deal)  some of the rocks still had ice on them so my fingers were so cold they went  numb ( and my shoe got stuck and fell off at one point which was SUPER fun!!)
This is the top of the rocks. I really couldn’t enjoy the view because I knew I had to  climb back down so now you can enjoy the view for me.
True look at the pure shame I felt by  the end of the hike. The sun washed out some of the mud, so you can’t fully understand how horrible at hiking I was.

Wednesday July 26th

Honestly nothing happened I just want someone to appreciate how much I loved my garlic bread that I was carrying home from the store!

True love!!!

Friday July 28th

Again not much happened just that we prepared for a 3-day weekend trip!

If you wanna know why I told you I was prepping, it was so I could  brag about all the baking I did!

Saturday July 29th-31st

Two Words: ROAD TRIP!!! Thursday I got a text asking if I wanted to go somewhere for the weekend and 9am on Saturday we were on the road for a weekend in The Catlins!! If you’re questioning what The Catlins are right now, you are not alone. I said yes before knowing anything past my roommate telling me it was pretty. So what The Catlins is (are?) a region on the Southeast coast of the south island that starts about an hour and a half  from Dunedin. It was amazing!!!!! Beaches for miles and rocks to climb and forests and waterfalls and everything you picture when someone talks about NZ! So lets dive into the trip and be prepared there is so so soooooo much you’re probably going  to want to skip through the random commentary and just look at the pictures.

Stop One: Kaka Point

First let’s just take a moment to laugh at Kaka Point! Alright now that my inner 5 year old is out, what you need to know is that it is the first beach we stopped at and for some reason we got to it by climbing down (and eventually up) a steep muddy hill that was not meant to be climbed. Yeah yeah yeah you think I’m dramatic when I say it wasn’t meant to climb because if it wasn’t meant to climb why would all four of us use it. Well it actually wasn’t meant as an entrance to the beach, we didn’t see the actually one so decided to take the deadly way down. I fell so much that when I finally got back up I had to sit on a plastic bag to prevent from ruining our rental car! Fun times!



I think these picture  prove the view was definitely worth the falling
Just a nice view of how much I struggled right out of the gate

Stop Two: Nugget Point

So this is actually a really famous place in NZ (well I mean not like the Eiffel Tower famous, but if you look up places to go in on the south island it is one of the first things that will come up). After visiting, I can totally say I  understand why people love it!!


This is the “point” of Nugget Point


These are the “nuggets” of Nugget Point



Just for reference (from left to right): Hannah (Richmond, In), Beth (Scotland), Ashley (Canada), and Natalie (the future).

Stop Three: Cannibal Bay

First off how great is the name Cannibal Bay! So great! Second I would like to apologise(yes I know this is spelled with a Z but my lap top is now on New Zealand English and they want an S there and I can’t handle the red squiggle saying it is spelled wrong)  to TripAdvisor, the reviews said that Cannibal Bay was one of the better places to see Sea Lions but the drive was a little terrible. We mocked you TripAdvisor, we thought you just had issues with gravel roads. We were wrong! It was like driving over very small boulders up a narrow road on a mountain, with random sheep interference. If another car had been going the opposite way we would have just ben stuck forever!! But I am happy to report we made it! (I  feel like that is probably very obvious but you now know for sure) And it was so worth it!!! Much love internet for telling us this place existed!!

Also I just want to prepare you that there are waaaaay  too many photos from this place but I feel you need to see the evolution of how hard it is to take a decent photo of me and my true love for seal ions.

My pants look cleaner because we stopped at an outhouse and I managed to get some mud off and not throw up at the smell of the outhouse (I know I’m talented, by the end of my time at cannibal bay I fell into the ocean so my pants got even cleaner)


Cliche college flag pic! (Now watch my downward spiral)


Zoom in on my face, I dare you!


I’d zoom in again if I were you.
I ran away from my friends and now I look adventurous!
Trying to recreate my photo from Mt. Cargill (still not as cool)




Honestly I just love these giant sleeping oafs too much to not keep looking  at photos
More failed photos of me trying too look cool with a flag


Lesson learned don’t attempted jumping photos while using the camera timer! Enjoy the results!


We had to give up on trying to jump!
Just a reminder of the joy the sea lions behind us brought!

Between Stop Three and Four

Welcome to one of the greatest moments of my life! We were driving to a water fall and then out of the blue there was a wall of white on the road! Turns out it was hundreds of sheep running towards us. It was so wonderful we had to pull over while I cried from laughter (not an exaggeration tears really did stream down my face). But for real pictures cannot show how crazy the sheep wall was!



Stop Four: Purakaunui Falls

Honestly this water fall was amazing! But the issue here is that I was so overwhelmed with joy from the sheep that It could have been butt ugly and I would have loved it!!

Walk into the waterfall forest! So dark we need flash which made us look like ghosts. Plus who doesn’t need another view of the muddy legs
Small waterfall at the bottom of the real one (not going to lie at first I thought this  was the entire thing and I was very sad!)
Now here is the real deal and isn’t it great!!

End of Day 1

We stayed at an Airbnb that night at an adorable old couple’s house (who were very chatty and a little crazy but very nice). We made pasta for dinner then played card games in one of the bed rooms before bed. Really the most important thing here is the place had heated blankets!!!! They were pre-warmed for us and when we woke up our boots were by the fire ready for the day of adventure.

Stop Five: Lake Wilkie

I  will say lake is probably a bit of an overstatement but it was a quick fun way to start the day! It also reminded me that it is actually winter! The lake was frozen over so while everyone was taking nice photos I spent most of the time throwing rocks to see if  I could crack the ice (I failed but the rocks sounded so cool when they hit the ice and it turns out you can skip rocks on ice, I was one of my proudest moments).

See pond not lake!!!


Stop Six: McLean Falls

It was a pretty waterfall! And I fell around zero times! So it was pretty and safe so it was a total win!! ( I think this is also the tallest one on the south island)

Bottom of the water fall




Proof I still don’t know how to pose in a photo, but look at those nice clean pants!

Stop Seven: Niagara Falls

Man what a sight to see!! I never thought I’d see a waterfall this large in person! Plus how quickly we made it to Canada and back really astounds me! KIDDING!!! This is the smallest waterfall in New Zealand and if we are being honest waterfall is not an appropriate word at all! Its more like a stream.

Proof  of its name  (trust me you need proof)
Let me know if you spot a waterfall here, because I don’t!
Here is another angle so hopefully you can see it!

Stop Eight: Porpoise Bay

Porpoise Bay wasn’t in the game plan but it was on our way to the next stop so we ended up walking down to the beach and eating lunch! It was beautiful! And honestly lunch on a mostly empty beach, who could complain! We just sat on some nice rocks and enjoyed sammies and cookies!


Stop Nine: Curio Bay

Curio Bay is a weird place. It is a petrified forest! So there isn’t a beach, its just a ton of rock/tree thingys that you climb onto to look at the ocean or just explore. Its major draw is that it is one of the best places to see penguins! BUT WE SAW NO PENGUINS!!! Mark my words, I will see penguins before I leave here! ( If I haven’t seen them by November 30th I guess I’ll just have to stay here forever. I see no other option.) But it was still cool even if the penguins were all a lie!IMG_8995IMG_1906IMG_3583

See the rings??? These rocks really are trees!

IMG_8847IMG_0132 2

Stop Ten: Slope Point

Aka: “THIS THE CLOSEST TO SANTA I’LL EVER BE”! Sooo…  I yelled this proudly when we got to slope point,  because it is the furthest south you can go on mainland New Zealand BUT I forgot that Santa lives in the North Pole. This is a moment I doubt I’ll ever live down, so I’m going to just show you pictures to hide my true shame. So true story this is the furthest from him I will ever be. Sorry Santa.

We had to walk through someone’s farm to get to the point so here is the lovely farm
Of course there were more sheep on the walk


I have zero clue what is happening here, but I think you need it.


Eating the final cookie while staring at the ocean (it was pretty magical)

Okay so right now you are looking for another stop and while you will get your wish I first must show you the complete destruction of any hope I had of being a model (I know my height is so perfect for the job!)

Okay so wee bit awkward but not terrible
Confusion and panic has set it but still kind of okay
And now evil spirits have inhabited my body
Cool cool cool more confusion
Call the Vogue editor ASAP
More confusion/I’m pretty sure I couldn’t get up
Honestly I can’t explain. I’m so sorry!

Stop Eleven: Waipapa Point

More ocean, new light house, and MORE SEA LIONS!!!!!!


Two more!!
Look how cute they cuddle!!!
11 lions for 11 stops
Cool tree!


Do I look cool? I tried to and honestly I still don’t know!

Stop Twelve: Curio Bay (part two)

Nothing new here, we just went for sunset!


Turns out it didn’t set over the ocean because none of us remembered we aren’t in the right hemisphere and everything is backwards but trees and hills are still pretty.

 The End!  (Of this trip not post, nice try!)

Friday August 4th

We went to K-Mart! Which in America is dying but here K-Mart is LIT! I love K-Mart! Its so colourful and cheep!! Plus it is in the mall and I love a good food court!!!! Why am I telling? Because A) K-Mart still exists and thats a revelation in itself and B) I found my new most prized possession.


Saturday August 5

I had a life changing doughnut! Thats really all you need to know! We are talking it was so good I had to FaceTime Madison and make her watch me eat the doughnut so someone would understand how great my life truely is.

There is white chocolate and caramel and just pure happiness in this doughnut!!

Saturday August 12

I went to the theatre! We went and saw Into The Woods! It was soooooo good!! I love musicals! So clearly nothing has really changed! (PS watch the movie Into The Woods on netflix 10/10 recommend)

Side note: fairy tales sound way cooler when told with an accent.

Proof I went
I am such a great photographer.

Sunday August 13th

We went to New Zealand’s only castle (to be honest its just a fancy mansion but its called a castle and that seems more fun)!! We started out trip with high tea in the ball room, it was so fancy! But here is the thing about fancy, I don’t eat fancy things. So at high tea everyone ate little snacks and drank tea, I on the other hand just looked around at how pretty things were and tried not to break anything!  After that we toured the castle and then got free time to explore the grounds. After the castle we went into town and did a night time ghost tour of Dunedin. While obviously super cheese-y, it was actually pretty fun! And we actually did get to see one ghost (it might have just been graffiti of a really happy ghost but it still counts right?). So basically this was the day I learned I really should be a princess and that I ain’t afraid of no ghosts.

The front door (I guess that is pretty obvious)
Maybe the only reason I couldn’t be a princess is that I would never eat any of this
View from the top of one of the towers
Our ghost tour guide (he gives off some serious Jack the Ripper vibe right!?!?)

Monday August 14

Okay so no one ever should let me take a cooking class. EVER. While (thankfully) nothing caught on fire, I did get made fun of my the chef (multiple times). But the mocking was not because I am a terrible cook (even though thats pretty true) but because I refused to eat or cook like 80% of what they wanted me to make. The good news is I have found my food soul mate! Ashely and I partnered and it turns out neither of us eats any foods! This meant while everyone had veggies and spices in their foods we had cheese, lots and lots of cheese.

The shame
Honestly I was too scared to ever even eat it so I think it is still just sitting in my fridge 
Our pride and joy!! I ate my half is one sitting! (the crust is all me! We were told the angry one had to make it and some how that was me! Beating up the dough was a great time!)
Just embrace the full beauty of our aprons. 


Saturday August 19th

Remember a while ago that I was sad the jaffa race was cancelled. Well now you don’t have to worry any longer, they finally held it! 25,000 gumball looking chocolates racing down the street is as funny as it sounds (as long as you ignore being pushed around by reeaaaaaalllly annoy tourist children).

Yes this child was annoy and me taking a picture of her is super creepy but I just feel the world needs to see my dream dress
Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 3.31.24 PM
Here you go. This is what 25,000 chocolates racing down the worlds steepest street looks like

Thursday August 24th

SPRING BREAK TIME!!!!!!!! At exactly 5:50pm I started spring break and honestly two spring breaks in one year feels fantastic!!!!!!! So here are some photos of how beautiful it was walking out of my last class.

If you turn your attention to your left you will see the wonderful building I just walked out of!
THE MAGNOLIAS ARE BLOOMING!!! (They are much bigger now and they really make this place feel magical!)

Saturday August 26th

GAME DAY!!!! You might be preparing for NFL to start but I finally got to go to the All Blacks game (it feels like I bought the tickets yesterday, I cannot believe I’ve been here over two months)!! It was awesome! I still don’t fully understand all that happened but it was cool!! I won’t lie I did almost yell “Go Rebs” and “Hotty Toddy” a few times but I made it though without embarrassing my self too bad. What is really important is that there was a seagull that sat on the field the entire game and I am just really impressed with its commitment. But apparently they bird was good luck because after a tense game they beat the Australians and won the Bledisloe Cup!!! Also scrums and the whole lifting guys off the ground to catch the ball are really fun things to watch and while I didn’t understand them I 100% support them being in any other sport possible.

Check my new fancy All Blacks scarf


This is a scrum. (plus aren’t my seats pretty great!)
You can’t really see but in the center there on the black dot is the cup they just won

Today August 27th!!!

FINALLY!!!! We have made the long journey to the end. ( I mean just the end of this post, and you’re going to be tortured with another long one next time because of spring break). So now I am packing for a week on the North Island where cool and pretty things will happen! Bye!

P.S. Sorry I forgot I was doing this so you had to endure the whole mess

P.P.S. I’m still refusing to check for grammar issues

P.P.S Shout out to Hannah and Beth because all the nice photos were taken by them!





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