Why New Zealand?

Why? This is the very first thing anyone asks me the second I tell them I’m moving to New Zealand for five months. But in my mind all I think is “why not?!” I mean when else can you pick anywhere in the world and just say “I think I’ll move there for a few months and see what happens?” However, that never satisfies people; they always want more, like¬†what went into the decision process, am I scared, and am I going alone? Well to answer these:

  1. Europe seemed boring; everyone goes to Europe. You can visit Europe anytime, but New Zealand isn’t a common trip. Plus in Europe there is pressure to travel to all the different countries, which, while cool, doesn’t allow you to fully embrace the culture you’ve moved all the way around the world for. (Plus they speak English in New Zealand so that’s a huge bonus.)
  2. No I am not scared. I am nothing but excited! I am moving to one of the most beautiful places on Earth! And, while I get that I couldn’t be further away from home and that I have absolutely zero clue what I am doing, that’s just part of the fun! So at the moment fear isn’t an issue. Ask me later when I hop on a plane for 13 hours non-stop; I may have a very different answer for you.
  3. Finally, yes I am going alone and do not know anyone else going. To be honest I didn’t know that going with people you know was something people did. I kind of just thought this was a solo mission because why would you want to try to and compromise where you spend this once in a lifetime experience based on where someone else wants to go?

P.S. I hope you enjoyed my super awkward passport photo. Apparently I am required to have a featured photo, and since I have not packed or left yet, it somehow seemed like my best option.

2 thoughts on “Why New Zealand?

  1. Have the best time ever! See everything you can, experience it all! Just please always be safe and aware of your surroundings!


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